This Post for those People Who wants to watch the Pan American Basketball Games “Argentina vs Uruguay live stream” in their Smart Device. We made a complete guide of how to watch Argentina vs Uruguay live stream online easily. Pan American Basketball this match is scheduled for 01 Aug 2019, 05:00 2019.

About this match:

The next match in the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) World Cup Americas Qualifiers is between Argentina and Uruguay. Both the teams are quite strong, making the match unpredictable. Javier Saiz is a world-class basketball player, the fans love his outstanding skills in basketball and they can’t wait for this match. He is the star player in this Argentina team. Javier Saiz is a naturally gifted basketball player with a lot of fans over the world and in this match, he will be the man to watch. He is great in dribbling, passing, slam dunk, lay ups, three-pointers. The defenders fear him for his speedy dribbling and his great shot accuracy. It’s hard to stop him and the defenders have a tough time defending Javier.

Highlights Player For this match:

Luca Vildoza is the best PG of this Argentina basketball team and he stopped many players in his careers from scoring dunks and two-point shots. He is physically strong and the attackers can’t get past him easily. Luca is also good at scoring three-pointers when needed in a match. He is known as the game-changer in this Argentine team. His long reach helps him to slap the ball away from getting into the net. Luca loves to play as PG and he also comfortable with other positions like S/G, P/G. Fans love his defensive skills and his playing style, which is like Lebron James.

argentina vs uruguay FIBA
argentina vs uruguay FIBA

Roberto Acuna is one of the best captains in the world. His hard work inspires everyone in the team. Whenever the team morale is low he increases the morale with his motivational words.

He is a great player who thinks of good strategies during his matches. These strategies and his high stamina have won him many games. Roberto is like the oxygen of this Argentina team.

Gonzalo Iglesias is an awesome captain for Uruguay. Fans love him for his outstanding skills, his playmaking abilities and his Curry like play style. Like Roberto Acuna, he is the oxygen of the Uruguay team. The fans can’t wait to see how these two captains will perform under pressure. There will be a great competition between Gonzalo and Roberto.

Juan Ducasse is a great forward in this Uruguay team. The team will depend on him to score as much as he can when he has the ball in the opposition territory. He has awesome dribbling and dunking skills which will challenge Luca in this upcoming match. He’s also known for his thunder-like pace and he is compared to Kobe Bryant.

Bruno Fitipaldo is a great PG and his defensive skills will challenge Javier Saiz and other attackers. He is known for his great poaching skills and for his high jumping and blocking skills. He also has many fans and will be on the list of “ones to watch”.

Argentina vs Uruguay Basketball Games Schedule:

Match: Argentina will play against Uruguay in Pan American Games
Start date: 01. Aug 2019, 05:00
Group: B


01. Aug 2019, 05:00


Argentina Player List & Short Details:

Argentina at the 2019 Pan American Games. Scheduled to compete in the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru from July 26 to August 11, 2019. On May 24, 2019, sailor Javier Conte was named as the country’s flag-bearer during the opening ceremony.

Medals: Gold 0 Silver 0 Bronze 0 Total 0
Flagbearer: Javier Conte (opening)
Competitors: 201 in 18 sports

Players List:

  • Luca Vildoza (PG)
  • Lucio Redivo  (SG)
  • Luis Scola (PF)
  • Facundo Campazzo (PG)
  • Nicolás Laprovíttola (PG)
  • Nicolás Brussino (G/F)
  • Marcos Delía (C)
  • Roberto Acuña (C) 
  • Gabriel Deck (SF)
  • Patricio Garino (G/F)
  • Javier Saiz (PF)
  • Máximo Fjellerup (G)

Luca Vildoza (PG): He is the best defender on the team with both great attacking and defensive skills.

Lucio Redivo  (SG): He is good at three-pointers and can salvage important points for the team.

Luis Scola (PF): He is a great forward player with an awesome slam dunk and lay-up skills.

Facundo Campazzo (PG): He plays in the defensive position and has a Great physical body needed for defending.

Nicolás Laprovíttola (PG): Nicolas is a defensive player with great dribbling and shooting skills.

Nicolás Brussino (G/F): He can play both forward and defensive.

Marcos Delía (C): He is the vice-captain of the team.

Roberto Acuña (C): Roberto is the captain and the star man of the team.

Gabriel Deck (SF): He plays in mid and forward.

Patricio Garino (G/F): Patricio plays in mid and forward.

Javier Saiz (PF): He is the best forward on the team.

Máximo Fjellerup (G): Maximo plays well in defensive position only.

Argentina Previous match Review:

Argentina won the match against Uruguay with a final score of 92-64.Argentine players were outstanding in that match. Javier Saiz was the man of the match as he scored the important points with his impressive skills. 

Luca played great and blocked a lot of shots and stopped the Uruguayan attackers successfully many times. Argentina played a total of 12 games and has 21 points and they are now on the 2nd position in the group table.

Uruguay Player List & Short Details:

Basketball at the 2019 Pan American Games. Basketball competitions at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru are scheduled to be held from July 27 to August 10. The competitions will take place at the Coliseo Eduardo Dibos.


  • Gonzalo Iglesias (C)
  • Mauro Zubiaurre (PG)
  • Juan Ducasse (F)
  • Bruno Fitipaldo (PG)
  • Sebastian Izaguirre (PF)
  • Sebastian Vazquez (PF)
  • Nicolas Borsellino (F)
  • Esteban Batista (C)
  • Luciano Parodi (G)
  • Jayson Granger (G)
  • Hernando Caceres (F)
  • Kiril Wachsmann (C)

Gonzalo Iglesias (C): He is the captain and the star player of the team.

Mauro Zubiaurre (PG): He is a great defender.

Juan Ducasse (F): Juan is the best forward of this Uruguayan team.

Bruno Fitipaldo (PG): He is the best defender of the team.

Sebastian Izaguirre (PF): He is a supporting attacker.

Sebastian Vazquez (PF): He is a supporting attacker.

Nicolas Borsellino (F): He is an all-time forward.

Esteban Batista (C): He is the vice-captain of the team.

Luciano Parodi (G): He is a supporting defender.

Jayson Granger (G): He is a good defender who has great skills and can play in any position.

Hernando Caceres (F): He is an all-time forward.

Kiril Wachsmann (C): He is the second vice-captain of the team.

Uruguay Previous match Review:

Uruguay lost against Argentina with a score of 64-92. The players put up a satisfactory performance and they have a lot of areas which require improvement such as defending.

Bruno Fitipaldo is a great defender but he failed to shine on that match and they couldn’t stop the dangerous Argentine attackers. Their morale was low on that match and the lack of communication between the players resulted in this poor performance.The attackers did their job nicely on that match. The captain, Gonzalo Iglesias failed to build up many attacks which lead to this loss. The captain said on the press conference that they forgot about that match and will try their best to win the next match.

How to watch Pan American Games Live Stream:

The list of official broadcasters for Pan American Basketball Games “Argentina vs Uruguay Live Stream” is as in the list below.

The list of official (FIBA) broadcasters:

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Argentina will win this match even though both the teams look equal on their stats and this is because they are in good form recently as they won the previous match, so the team morale is high. The Argentine players will try their best to win this upcoming match and keep their streak going.

Last Word:

Hopefully, this event will turn out to be successful and will satisfy the fans.

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